Ross - Carbonite
Production Switchers
Powerful MLEs
Carbonite packs major effects and keying power into 2 MLE’s. Each MLE has 4 powerful keyers with luma, linear, Chroma and DVE key types as well as an additional 5th hidden keyer for animated Media Wipe and DVE transitions. Each MLE can access the 2 advanced UltraChrome™ chroma keyers. Two advanced pattern generators per MLE are available for wipes, pattern masks and color washes. Each MLE also provides a clean feed output.
Graphical User Interface
Carbonite also includes a browser-based, multi-user GUI that can be instantly accessed from a Mac or PC or even on an Apple® iPad. The GUI provides comprehensive graphics management for the Media-Store™ as well as control switcher setups and remote operation - it’s a very intuitive Carbonite companion.
UltraChrome™ Advanced Chroma Keying in Every MLE
Our UltraChrome™ chroma keyer uses new Ross technology to perform detailed keying in the most demanding conditions.

4 Channel Media-Store™
Four independent media player channels are available switcher-wide. Stills, logos and animated graphics can be played out from the on-board 8GB memory and can be loaded via USB thumb drives. The Media-Store™ can also be managed directly over Ethernet via Carbonite’s browser-based graphics tools.
4 Channels of DVE
4 high quality 2D DVE channels are available system-wide. These DVE’s ‘float’ within the system architecture allowing all 4 to be assigned to a single MLE or distributed across both MLE’s as the production demands. These DVE’s are also available for MLE DVE transitions and have dedicated selection in the MLE transition area.
MediaWipes™ add powerful animated transition capabilities in conjunction with the Carbonite Media-Store™. Create compelling, animated graphic transitions and control them simply from a dedicated MLE transition area selector.
Dual MultiViewers
Two 10 input MultiViewers are included in Carbonite’s standard feature set. These clean, low latency MultiViewers have access to all external and internal sources. Source naming and tally assignment automatically follow window routing selections.
Multi-Format Production
Carbonite’s video processing engine can be set for Standard or High Definition production. In addition, this powerful system includes 6 internal frame synchronizers and format converters which allow mixed SD and HD formats to be seamlessly incorporated into your production.
Carbonite’s powerful and truly unique intelligent resource management system allows stored keys and backgrounds to be recalled to preview without disturbing what is currently on-air. This system enables multiple ‘scenes’ to be stored and recalled in a manner that would normally require a much larger multi-MLE switcher.
Custom Control Macros
Powerful, editable macros that can do almost anything. Record events, recalls, pauses, holds and control devices. Executable from a single button press.
Device Control
Direct control of external devices is simple with Carbonite. Control Servers, Robotic Cameras and, of course, our award winning XPression 2D / 3D graphics system.